Aruba and neighbors


Jul 8, 2002
After a week in Aruba and now getting back to my notes and some research, many questions have come forward
all Non Amateur related (Public Safety, Business)

a, Does Aruba have an official band plan for Repeaters and inputs - ie: in USA UHF is +5 and T-Band is +3
b. Do we know what it's neighbors band plans are? Venezuela, Curaçao and Bonaire - all being close enough for cross-country RF overlap
some of our monitorings could be from there.

Adding may of my UNID's to the existing Wiki
and merging the prior unknowns into my list for a cleaner and sortable list

a couple of interesting finds to share here

866.2875 Control for Sys 2C1
NAC $2C0 R-001 S-019 BEE00

thoughts ?? Nothing in the Aruba RRDB and only S-019 found

At the airport the Bag Ops for both SW and JB are shared - what is/was odd is I could not find a Repeater input
but 466.8500 R and 461.5250 R were both active with the same traffic. SW mentioned over-the-air and I had
a visual on the JB Gate Attendant while he used the Radio