Asbury Park PD to be dispatched by MCSO

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Apr 16, 2004
ASBURY PARK — The Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office will take over police dispatch services for the city as of Tuesday morning, Dec. 27, Police Chief Mark Kinmon said Wednesday.

Kinmon said the county already handles fire and 911 calls for the city and now will take on the nonemergency police calls when people dial 732-774-1300.

“We entered into an agreement this year with the county sheriff’s office to provide police dispatch,” Kinmon said Wednesday.

“It’s something we’ve been working on for a couple of years now,” he said. “We’re finally at a point where the work behind the scenes is accomplished, and it’s going to be a better service, an improved service. There will be a little bit of a transition. The changeover should be completed by noon,” he said.

Seven police dispachers have been laid off in Asbury Park as a result of the change.

The county is operating the dispatch services at the former senior center in Neptune.

Kinmon said he wanted the public to be aware of the transition and said police will have a watch commander in the office whom people can reach going through the county dispatch.

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