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Asplundh Tree Experts / Storm Aftermath Tree Cleanup Service

Jul 20, 2007
New York City
Q. Would anyone have current (confirmed) frequency information for Asplundh Tree Experts?

Asplundh is routinely working storm aftermath tree removals for power utilities on a nationwide basis. . . When there's a large vehicle convoy of orange tree trimmer trucks heading down the highway it's usually Asplundh. . . They were using low-band in years past and operated on 35.040 / 47.560 and 47.600 MHz. Curious to know if anyone in the servere weather / storm chaser / OEM / Skywarn communities might have current frequency info for Asplundh?

Kevin Parrish


Premium Subscriber
Dec 26, 2007
Eastern, NC
mostly what they run is cell phone and laptops. the supervisor from the power company will call the general foreman and tell them where they need them and they will call the available crew and tell them where to go. my brother was a general foreman for them for a couple years