Assistance needed in correcting programming in BCD536HP


Aug 23, 2016
St. Louis County Missouri
Good afternoon, My name is Jim.
I have been a scanner enthusiast for the last 40+ years. I own 2 BCD536HP scanners. One in my Tahoe and one in my house. My guy who does my programming for me is no longer interested in doing it. I have studied, watched YouTube videos and everything I can possibly do to learn on my own how to program my scanners. I do have the Uniden Sentinel programming software both on my desktop and laptop and of course the cable. I am just not able to figure out how to program these radios. You must need a college degree or something to program these things. I reside in Creve Coeur Missouri and would be more than happy to pay anyone who knows about the programming on these units to straighten out the programming, add delays, remove the encrypted slater system, duplicate Point to Point and if possible, program it to tone alert on first alarms for my nearest firehouse. I would be happy to come to you or you are more than welcome to come to my home. If anyone is interested, or know anyone who would be please let me know. My cell number is: (314) 575-6800 and my email is:
Thanks so much, Jim