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Astro 25 CPS setup issue


Sep 22, 2023
So I’ve recently downloaded the Astro 25 CPS for my xts 2500 I recently purchased and I am running it on a Panasonic toughbook cf-19 with Win 10 64-Bit and I’ve converted it from an RAR file to a zip file and launched if and no issues there but when I was going through the setup process after the audio prompt played and the setup status begun I was given this prompt (attached below) and I have the tutorial/shortcut file on my computer but it’s not working. Does anyone have a solution to this or away to bypass it?


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Jan 17, 2005
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I can't make out any meaningful detail of the attached image in your post. However, if you’re referring to the tutorials that come
bundled with Astro 25 Mobile or Portable CPS, then the quick answer is that Microsoft removed Flash Player support stating with
Windows-10 and going forward.

The good news, is that you can still view the tutorials on Windows-10 and above but must first locate and download a copy of
Flash Player 32 Standalone (flashplayer_32_sa.exe) and copy it to an unsecured folder on your computer. In my case, I simply created
the folder "C:\Flash Player 32" and placed a copy of the executable into that folder.

The next steps involve creating shortcuts for each of the flash files (.swf) listed in the Tutorial folder associated with your Astro 25
Mobile or Portable CPS program folder. IE: C:\Program Files (x86) \Motorola\ASTRO 25 Products\ASTRO 25 Mobile CPS\Tutorials

In my case, I placed the shortcuts into" C:\Users\Your_Username\Documents\Astro25 CPS Tutorials and then created a link to this
folder in my browser favorites list. Lastly, you need to set a file association linking the .swf file extension to flashplayer_32_sa.exe and
you're good to go.

BTW, the collection of tutorials are identical, regardless of Mobile or Portable CPS and can be indexed and used as reference when programming either type of radio.
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