TRX-2: Attenuation Level

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Apr 18, 2003
Williamsburg, VA.
I went through the TRX-2 manual for this answer prior to posting. I do know how to read, much the surprise of some on this forum :D

Does anyone know what the attenuation level is applied when active? 1dB? 3dB? 5dB? Just wondering how much I'm getting when it's active.

I live in an area where it's very likely that one received transmission to the next can go to front end numbing strong to barely breaking squelch. I have had mixed results running attenuation. At times it does seem to help with trunking systems. However, a majority of what I am listening to is conventional analog and in those cases, I think running global attenuation could be hiding some of it. I understand that I can enable attenuation per channel and that might very well be what I do, but for now I wanted to play with it globally and see how it affected things.
Not open for further replies.