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Old Document, but here is the pdf excerpt.

Also be aware many of the ranger units are going to narrow band operation
for local nets starting in 2009

With the exception of HUU and RRU, the assigned CTCSS tone is the same number as the
second digit of the unit designator. Example; TGU unit designation is “2500”, which equates to CTCSS “Tone-5” (146.2Hz) CZU unit designation is “1700”, which equates to CTCSS “Tone- 7” (167.9Hz)
Exception to standard CTCSS assignments; HUU unit designation is “1200”, assigned CTCSS is “Tone-1” (110.9Hz) RRU unit designation is “3100”, assigned CTCSS is “Tone-13 (141.3Hz)

Note: These exceptions are needed to ensure protection from other radio nets. CDF
Command Nets 1 through 10 have been assigned “Tone-8” (103.5Hz), statewide. This
assignment will provide protection from co-channel CDF Local Nets.

CDF Command Nets 1 and 2 will not be CTCSS protected, since these frequencies are
assigned exclusively, statewide, to CDF. In the future, out-of-state radio interference may
require CTCSS protection for these nets.

CDF Tactical Channels will not be CTCSS protected. Tone protection may eventually be
assigned to selected channels to eliminate co-channel interference, should it develop.

CDF, US Forest Service, and US Bureau of Land Management have agreed on the
following standard CTCSS tone assignments:

Tone-1 110.9 Hz
Tone-2 123.0 Hz
Tone-3 131.8 Hz
Tone-4 136.5 Hz
Tone-5 146.2 Hz
Tone-6 156.7 Hz
Tone-7 167.9 Hz
Tone-8 103.5 Hz
Tone-9 100.0 Hz
Tone-10 107.2 Hz
Tone-11 114.8 Hz
Tone-12 127.3 Hz
Tone-13 141.3 Hz
Tone-14 151.4 Hz
Tone-15 162.2 Hz
Tone-16 192.8 Hz
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