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from Fred K3CSX on the Scan-DC server; if this information can be validated, we can get this to the database;
Effective June 21, 2008 at 07:00, the location of the CSX dispatchers controlling the rail lines in and around the DC area, has moved from
Jacksonville, FL to Baltimore, MD.

This affects the following subdivisions (and their road/dispatcher radio frequencies) in the DC/Baltimore area:

* Metropolitan - Washington, DC to Weverton. MD (160.230/160.320)
* Capital - Washington. DC to Baltimore, MD (160.230/160.320)
* Old Main Line - Baltimore, MD to Point of Rocks, MD (160.230/160.320)
* RF&P - Washington, DC to Richmond, VA (161.550/160.410)

If you have been monitoring the CSX radio frequencies, you'll notice a change in the way the dispatcher identifies on the radio:

* "CSX AU Dispatcher Jacksonvile" --> "CSX BC Dispatcher Baltimore"
* "CSX CQ Dispatcher Jacksonvile" --> "CSX BD Dispatcher Baltimore"

The other Metroplitan, Captial and Old Main Line subdivisions are under the control of the BC (former AU) dispatcher. The RF&P subdivision is
under the control of the BD (former CQ) dispatcher.

In addition I have a question - I used to hear Light rail on 161.01 (203.5) - I haven't heard anything on that freq for a long time now. Where did they go?

73 Mike
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