ProScan: Audio stopping after a day


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Jul 18, 2009
Shepherdsville, KY
I have the feeling I may be doing something wrong. I have ProScan running 24 hours a day on my computer. I have hooked up the SDS200 to the LAN. I have the audio coming directly from the scanner not thru the computer. I am basically just using the ProScan as a remote head as my scanner is behind me. All good.

Every day when I come in, ProScan (and the SDS200) still shows scanning but nothing is ever received. It does not stop on any channels. I have to turn the scanner off and back on and it all starts working again. It is almost like my scanner turns deaf after about 24 hours. Any ideas?
May 11, 2007
Evansville, IN
If you have to try a alternative power supply on a new scanner something is wrong. If the OEM one that comes with it cannot do the job it sounds like Uniden may have another issue with the scanner.
I stated that because I had a SDS 200 connected albeit not on the supplied adapter that would scan and act normally except the audio would stop working after a time.

After I changed to the adapter that came with the scanner all was good. Although, it is possible that an adapter could supply 12 volts but not enough current.

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