Aurora fatal t/a

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Dec 11, 2002
AURORA - Investigators say they are trying to sort out some conflicting information that may explain what happened leading up to a car accident that claimed the life of a teenager overnight.

The accident happened just after 10 p.m. Saturday at the corner of Degaulle and Whitaker Streets in Aurora. Police say they're still trying to sort out exactly what happened.

"We believe that alcohol isn't involved in this and there is conflicting information between area residents and vehicles in the area that saw aspects of this accident so the investigation is ongoing and it will take a week or two to make actual determinations," said Lt. John Sopranuk of Aurora Police.

Officers at the scene say an 18-year-old man was driving northbound on Degaulle when he lost control and flipped the car. Authorities say the driver was killed instantly. His name was not immediately released.

A passenger in the car was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The passenger's name was not released.

Police say the car was traveling fast so speed might be a factor in the accident.
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