Austin P25 System - several questions

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Jan 25, 2004
Austin, Texas. Actually born here!
I'm trying to tune my BC396T to the Austin Texas GATTRS system. It is currently programmed, but reception is spotty at best. When using Freescan virtual control, I'm getting P25 error rates of 2 to 6 to 10 bars. My radio is currently set to Mot Type2/P25, and I'm thinking this might be (one of) the problem(s). Trying to change this with freescan is confusing -

On the RR d-Base, GATTRS is listed as "Project 25 Phase 1 (FDMA)".

The system type choices on Freescan are:
Mot800mhztype1 - Mot Type2/P25 - P25 Standard (DigitalXT) - P25 One Freq Trunk.

Can anybody translate?

I was also wondering if anybody in Austin is monitoring the Central Austin 700mhz site. I'm about 6 miles south, and was wondering if that would be in range. Any suggestions for sites near Ben White/S.1st ST?
I'll also be doing the same with a 796d in the near future...

Any other advice from local 396t or 796d users would be appreciated, especially if you've got experience with Freescan or the Uniden programming software for the 796d. I'm REALLY hoping the 796 will be a little more intuitive to tune than the 396 - I think I'm not a big fan of this "virtual folder" business.
Thanks in advance!

And thanks, Soncom, for your advice on the BC796T. I'll probably be picking one up in the next few days. There is another one for $200 available. If anybody in the Austin area is interested, let me know!
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