Auto wreck Rte 40 Mech Valley rd Cecil


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Jan 14, 2001
Northeast Maryland
10:00pm local Trooper 4 from Delaware inbound along with Trooper 1 Maryland all on Cecil County Fire Ops 6.
Several ambulances as well.. Req for 3rd chopper and 4th chopper inbound as well.
4 patients for choppers and several for ambulances. Just outside Northeast Maryland on rte 40.
Many children involved.. some going to AI Dupont Hospital via chopper and others ambulance Union Hospital in Elkton
10:23PM Trooper 2 enroute 25 minute eta.(Guessing Trooper 2 Delaware out of Georgetown De)
10:29pm cancel rest of inbound choppers all patients on accounted for and removed.
10:32pm Trooper 1 MSP westbound towards Baltimore Phillips AAF tower 126.150
10:35pm Trooper 4 DSP enroute AI DuPont Hospital on Del 800 Med patch.
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