Axial lead resistors for UHF

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Mar 20, 2020
I am making some attenuators for frequencies up to 1 GHz. I have some metal film axial lead 1/4 W 1% resistors I can use. I was wondering if these should work okay.

I know the smaller the package (eg SMD) the better as far as inductance goes, but I can't seem to find any definitive specs on the inductance of these resistors even from the manufacturer's datasheet. The only thing I have found in searching on inductance is very general, "metal film: <3 nh". It would be good if I could narrow down the spec on this a bit and decide if they are acceptable or not.

If I have to order SMDs I'll have to suffer an unwanted delay in the project.

(As an aside, another consideration on this could be, will going with a smaller resistor really give me any more gain if eg I'm just having to make up the reach to the component with 1 oz pcb trace in my pcb scheme?)
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