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Dec 19, 2002
SE of Tucson, AZ
Hello folks,

Just wanted to give you a heads up on some of the last major cleaning up that was done to the Maricopa County area of the DB.

This was hopefully the last major clean-up of the duplicate information/entries in the database. In this case, I was deleting the duplicate city information from the database description areas, for the most part.

You won't need to change anything. For those who use the radios which download the description area, you will see a cleaner screen. This was not the sole reason to do this, but it does have a nice result for those of us who update our radios every week :)

For example, under the Glendale PD talkgroups, I deleted "Glendale PD" from the description area, as it duplicated the information found in the heading and it was not necessary.

Sorry for any confusion.

I've gone through most areas of the state and will be making another round to do some more aesthetic clean-up. The remainder should be smaller clean-ups.

If you have a change, addition, or deletion for the database, please submit via the submission area for action. It is a necessary step to ensure tracking and accountability.

Please, if you are requesting a change or deletion, back it up with facts, links, etc, or it might not happen.

Have a great day !



Nov 16, 2010
John (FLANO) can you please give me a call at..? I am looking to speak with someone about some scanning issues I'm having in the Tucson area.


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