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Bad Buying Experience with WebsterCoFire


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Aug 3, 2016
I messed up and send Friends and Family. Didn't know about the protection thing, and fell for "JOHN CLARKE'S" good reference he sent me of another user that received his goods. Anyone else who has had experience, please PM me so we can get the same Law Enforcement agencies the same info.
To be clear, I am a victim not part of the scam. I want to sell some of my scanners, but don't want people thinking I am the scammer!

I feel very foolish. I am generally much more careful, but let my guard down for the first and last time!
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Apr 4, 2004
Also, as a sidenote - don't ever let anyone talk you into sending the PayPal payment as 'friends and family' sent money, as they might ask to help them alleviate the sales percentage fees. That is your ONLY protection, paying for goods and/or services, and the only way your PayPal guarantee is validated for the Buyer Protection Plan.
Unless I have dealt with them in the past, when a seller asks me to send money via Fiends and Family, I just tell them that I will add an additional amount to the payment to help cover their Paypal fees. It's a small price / fee to pay for insurance.