BAH! Anyone got a RECENT 796 file?

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Dec 19, 2002
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Long story short, I fiddled around with ProScan and pulling down data from RR, and managed to muddle up my BC796 to the point of "intialize it and start over" (no fault of the software or anything, just the moron sitting at the keyboard). I guess I should have taken a backup before I started fooling around in there. :D

If need be, I can sit down and recompile what I had in the thing (which was damn near everything) but before I do that I thought I'd check with the group and see if anyone's got a recent file they wouldn't mind sharing that I can just load up and be done with it. Obviously a 796 file of some flavor (Proscan, Arc, UASD, whatever) would be ideal, but I can open just about anything and cut and paste as needed. I've done some digging around in the various forums and groups, but everything out there is at least 3 years old now and SO much has changed since then.

If you can help out, it'd be greatly appreciated. I can provide an email address if needed to send the file to, if you'd rather not attach it here.

Thanks all,
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