Band plans for burlington county

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Oct 25, 2005
Riverside new jersey
Can someone help me or tell me why when i upload Burlington counties system to a 396 xt that the band plan numbers dont go through also? i had the Burlington county system in my 396 xt for about a year now, and i just uploaded my files to a friend of mine who bought the 396 xt just last week, and everything else went through, all my frequencies, groups, and quick key settings were ok, but all the band plan numbers were all 000000, and also i had all the non control channel frequencies locked out also, and they were unlocked right after i uploaded it to his scanner, i am using the arc software program to do this, is there any settings or anything i can do to whenever i have to do this again, that i dont have to sit here and manually program all these band plan numbers in again? it took forever to do all them again manually! anyone ? Thanks Danny,,,
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