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baofeng uv-5X two-way radio

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May 29, 2011
York county Me.
Hi guy's, hope I'm posting in the right place...
Anyway, I decided to get the baofeng uv-5X two-way radio for practice and knowing the radio before I take my test.. Well, the box say's --
long comms range
noise reduction
long standby time
batt save ctcss, dcs
high capability li-ion batt--- yes it is a good battery
fm radio
1st question--- scrambler, how does it work? By the freq offset?
2nd question-- there are many options when I get into the menu. I really don't understand alot of them.. So, here is the catagorie, and options that I don't have a clue about.. And I did google it, but it just took me to sellers..

save----off, 1-5
vox -- on off
abr -- off, 1-10
tdr -- on off
tot -- 15---600
dtmfst -- ani-st,---- dt+ani ---- off --- dt-st
ani - id 80808 -------------I don't see any option on this
s-code -- 1-15
sc-rev-----co, -- to, --- se
pit id -- bot, --- eot
mdf-a------ freq, name, ch
mdf-bname, freq, ch
bcl----off, on
sft-d----off, + -
offset, I kinda understand
al mode --- tone- code- site
tdr-ab-----off, a, b
ste---on/ offrp-ste---off, 1-15
ponmgs------- full---msg
I know that's alot to soak in, but I have nowhere else for straight answers.
Thanks a million


Dec 18, 2005
Of primary importance here is the "scrambler" is a gimmicky piece of junk that is illegal to use in amateur radio , any attempts to use it during a QSO can result in the loss of your license at worst , at best you can be "fined" , fines on radio are monetary forfietures , meaning you either pay it , or they will confiscate and auction of your assets until the fine is satisfied, leave the scrambler feature in the box , you will not need it and use of it could jeopardize your license .

If you do a Google search there is an In depth manual of the radio and it's settings, it's about 80 pages , if I remember correctly.
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