Baofeng UV5R & GRE Super Converter

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Feb 3, 2009
So Far Away....
Was sitting around this evening after a long hot day..Thinking Man,Wish this Baofeng was a nice Tri-Bander,then I could load the local state PD conv TRS freqs and have a lil bedtime scanner..

Then it hit me,,I picked up this GRE superconverter for handhelds a few years back,but have not used it since Ive had digital trunking radios for quite a while now..So I dropped a fresh 9V into it,set the offset on the CC for the Mass State Police,,and Whaddaya know..a SOLID hit on the CC!

So I used SDR to find the an active voice channel and again..solid,clean reception.

Honestly,I did not expect the lil cheapo Chinese HT to be that clear and receive so well..

Had no one else to tell..told my wife and she replied.."a SuperConverter Whats That?"

So the RR boards was the next logical stop..
Not open for further replies.