Baruch College and Carlton Arms Hotel

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Jan 15, 2007
I am staying at the Carlton Arms (nice artsy hotel/hostel) towards the end of the month for one night because I'll be in the city for a concert. I will probably get there early and do some scanning/hobby stuff and was just wondering if anyone has ever confirmed the frequencies for nearby Baruch College (that is licensed in the FCC database)? I know the frequencies they are licensed to and just wondering if anything was ever confirmed? If not, I will try to do some listening when I'm in the area and see what I can pick up to contribute to the radio reference DB.

I highly doubt a small hotel like Carlton Arms uses radios (no license found in the FCC DB), but if I pick up anything via close-call, I'll update the DB. Meanwhile, if anyone already confirmed any frequencies they use, please let me know. Thanks.
Not open for further replies.