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Base freq./offset ch. & step

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Dec 19, 2002
New Jersey
4-25-12 3 PM EDT
Hello all..........
A few years ago(20045 I believe) there was a thread here in this forum regarding determining base offfset channel and steps for Motorola UHF and VHF trunking systems for use in scanners.
Within that post were several good pieces of information, including mentoion of an excel spreadsheet created by Brian Cathcart( AKA ScannerDude KE4PJMJ )who I am trying to contact so as to obtain a copy of same.
I am having trouble determining the correct Base Frequencies, Offset channels and Step for a Motorola UHF trunking system and feel this sheet would probably help. The system in question is the Motorola 9600 baud Common Air Interface Exclusive system, of Bergen County, NJ.
The older Uniden scanners ( Models BC796D and BC296D) require up to 3 sets of this information. I have run Unitrunker to find the channel numbers but they do not show up in the display as they are alleged to do.
Any and all assistance in figuring this out and finding a copy of Brian's spreadsheet will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance and 73's


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Dec 16, 2000
Sitting in an airport somewhere
Please read your thread in the Unitrunker forum.

Again, the spreadsheets are for 3600/Type II systems. They are not for 9600/P25 Trunked systems; they 98% of the time announce the base and spacing table information so no calculations are needed. If you need to calculate then you're probably doing something wrong or misunderstanding the situation
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