Bastrop Co. fire talkgroups GATRRS


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Dec 25, 2016
Bastrop County seems to have changed the way it dispatches fire departments.

Previously, each fire department in the county used its own talkgroup on GATRRS. Now it sounds like all fire departments are being toned out on the same talkgroup, then at the end of the page the dispatcher says "respond on fire-tac 601." The fire-tac talkgroups aren't in the database.

Since the database is so good, I've never needed to find an unknown talkgroup before . Should I just turn on ID search and listen? Or is there a high-tech way to capture the takgroup number and name directly from the control channel data? (I have a Uniden BCD436HP.)



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Jun 28, 2016
pro96com is a "high-tech way to capture the takgroup number", but I do not believe it will work with a BCD436ZHP. The app does not appear to have had an update since 2017 so you need a scanner that was more common 4 years ago... But, If you kick your scanner into search mode, you will usually pick up that talk group pretty quickly (assuming its not encrypted) if its a fire tac channel.

I am currently running pro96com on Travis County Sim 1/2 and Wilco Sim 20 as well as 2 of the LCRA sites to try to update the TGID databases, TC did do a radio update in the past few months and there are a number of new channels that have been added to the system as a result. Im too far away to pickup Bastrop (im near Lake Travis) but sometimes I do pickup Bastrop ISD on Sim 1/2.

Somebody has been monitoring the changes in Bastrop and submitting them to RR, most of those talkgroups have not been in there until just recently. If I come across any I will submit them to get added.