Bath/Highland New Freq???

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May 23, 2006
Clifton Forge Virginia
For anyone monitoring Bath Highland you might be able to pick up more info on this.

I've been picking up a new freq in use for the last month or two.

I thought I had it down to who and what and even think I mentioned it here before.

The thing is sometimes it seems to be simulcasted with Bath and Highland while others it seems to be independent.

I've picked up traffic both ways which is confusing. FCC lists it as Bolivar Fire Dept. and I get test calls as well as dispatches prefaced with Bolivar Fire as the directed response agency.

I also get calls which are simulcasted to Bath fire as well as Highland Fire. A week or so ago there was everyone showing up on multiple freqs for both counties and this freq at the same time while on a call.

I've heard a call sign ending in 885 a number of times and never the call sign shown in the db.

So don't know what to make of it but those listening more up that way might be able to figure things out better. 460.3875 PL 67.0 Just don't know who it actually belongs to. Thought I'd seen somewhere it was P25 but can't find where and listing says just analog. So.....

Also still getting medical helicopter traffic on 155.34 203.5 every now and again. Chopper side only.
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