Battle Creek Air Show 2006

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Aug 22, 2001
Nashville / Green Hill TN
The Battle Creek Air Show is coming up this holiday weekend. Both the Thunderbirds and Snowbirds will perform on Tuesday, July 4th. See schedule for additional details, as there are some performances on Sunday and Monday:

I have attached a Zip file with my Pro 97 file as well CSV dumps of the channels. (See If you do not have Win 97, you will at least be able to look at the CSV files to see what all I have programmed. The BTL-Air-Show.csv file anybody can look at with a text editor or open in Excel. This revision worked well last year, but I have made some recent additions. Anybody with recommendations for other frequencies and thoughts and/or questions, let me know.

Breakdown of the banks I have setup:

0 Important
1 Aviation / UHF
2 Air Show / VHF
3 Snowbirds
4 Public Safety
5 ANG Base / Misc
6 FRS / Common
7 Standard Travel
8 Thunderbirds
9 Search & Store

Summary of bank contents:

0: Important conventional frequencies for the airport and immediate area. Also including some federal frequencies: CAP, Customs, DHS, TSA, FAA. Some air ambulance and Skywarn frequencies are included as well.

1: Military aviation frequencies related to the airport (BTL) and ARTCC. With more of a focus on the military ARTCC frequencies in the area.

2: Civil aviation frequencies and comes pre-seeded with the common and/or most likely air show related frequencies.

3: All Snowbird frequencies.

4: Local Public Safety conventional frequencies, mostly related to Battle Creek and Calhoun County SO, EMS, EMA.

5: Air National Guard base operations and some of their aviation frequencies. Also I have the 390 MHz NBFM ISR frequencies (the military's FRS) in this bank.

6: Common and itinerant frequencies: FRS, GMRS, MURS, etc, plus some additional business frequencies.

7: My standard travel bank. Wireless microphones, law enforcement statewide as well as some other mutual aid and emergency type frequencies, including 800 MHz.

8: Previously known and/or reported frequencies for the Thunderbirds.

9: A scratch pad for searching and other finds, plus what I had found in 2005.

I will also have my BCD396T in hand for MPSCS and P25 use, as well as BC246T for dedicated close call searching.



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Jan 5, 2003
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Awesome Jeff! I' think I'll check it out. Thanks for all the hard work!

Don't forget the Close Call and Search and scan/store Uniden features.
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Dec 23, 2001
Ann Arbor, Michigan
You might want to add another bank if possible for the MPSCS TRS. Quite often, when a large-scale event like this takes place, this system is used often enough, especially on the Statewide Event talkgroups. This might prove to be a good idea and might even yield some new talkgroups.




Aug 22, 2001
Nashville / Green Hill TN
TRS meaning "Trunked Radio System" . . .

I did have my BC396, and had the Battle Creek MPSCS site in for a bit, but never really heard anything all that related to the Air Show.

Here are my logs from the activity during the July 4th performances:

119.2500 Air Boss
121.7000 Air Boss to Tower (BTL Ground)
123.1500 Air Show Civilian Discrete
123.1750 "Lima Lima" Discrete

173.4375 PA Link Audio
453.1125 Life Care Ambulance (onscene/portable repeater)
453.9125 Air Show Ops (DCS 132)
461.8625 Airport Ops (DCS 331)
464.9750 Duncan Aviation Repeater (DCS 155) airshow/ramp coordination
469.1875 Air Show Ops (DCS 023)
469.1125 Air Show Ops (DCS 712)
469.9125 Air Show Ops (DCS 732) airboss/announcer coordination [<-best info!]

140.4000 110th FW Victor-1 (A-10s)

376.0250 USAF F15 Demo

116.0000 Snowbirds pre-flight VHF radio checks
243.4000 Snowbirds pre/post performance weather requests
272.1000 Snowbirds performance

141.8500 Thunderbirds Diamond (1-4)
143.8500 Thunderbirds pre-flight
235.2500 Thunderbirds Solos (5-6)
413.2750 Thunderbirds Ground Support portables (DCS 431)

139.9000 ANG Security (PL 127.3)
142.0000 ANG Fire (PL 123.0)
142.3000 ANG Weapons (PL 100.0)
142.5500 ANG Security (PL 241.8)
143.8750 ANG Command (PL 114.8)
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