bc246t moto type II trunking problems...

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Apr 11, 2005
Lexington, SC
Ok, i've been dealing with this problem for a while, so i'm ready to see if anyone else had a similar problem with the bc246t and what they might have tried.

The Problem:
In my area we have the Palmetto 800mhz trunked system. I have about 6 different sites/towers i can hit from home and most of them i can get on the roadway from the mobile or ht. the problem is that the radio doesn't always stay on the tower i want it on, it will switch to one of the weaker towers, i don't have a reception problem, but the way the towers are setup is all the communications in the lexington county side are on the lexington county simulcast tower and all the richland county ones are on the richland county simulcast tower, but i have talk groups from both in the same bank, and it seems like it locks on and will not switch towers. This is mainly frustrating for me, b/c i had a Pro95 and a Pro97 and they always seems to switch between the towers. I don't know if maybe this is just something I have to deal with until new generation of trunk trackers or maybe i'm just doing something wrong. i will think of better ways to explain to problem, but still looking for some input. thanks

Possible Solve:
My main thoughts are to either turn the delay/hold time down to 1 sec that it holds onto a system less, or to just make more banks with only 1 tower/site in each.
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