BC246T vs. PRO 95

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Sep 24, 2007
I have just started using the 246T and been using the Pro 95 for almost a year. I need input on these areas from those familiar or used both.

1. I could go to closed mode on 95 and not get the unknown talk groups, I get some on the 246, is there a way not to?

2. On the 95 when monitoring trunking systems, the squelch had no effect, it does on the 246.

3. I don't get the same quanity, quality, sensitivity, strength with the 246, have them side by side, both with RS 800 mhz antennas. It will go in and out on a conversation. This is just inside wood frame building. The 246 seems to do better outside but there still is a difference, especially when farther away from the center of the city. Is there something to improve it?

Overall, I like it, the software and the size, just would like to get the same action, strength etc.
Not open for further replies.