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Apr 3, 2006
Southern, IN
I am new to scanning and was thinking about buying a handheld scanner. I have listened to my dads scanner, it is an older one. I am not familiar with all of the terminology and wanted to know what you all thought of this scanner and wanted to know what the different thing mean, I was looking at Uniden's website and had no clue what all the different stuff was, could you all help me out.

I live in Floyd County, Indiana.

Also had a question on taking this scanner with me in my truck, what are the laws on that.

Thanks for all the help.


DB Administrator
Nov 5, 2002
Hi jbertrand , I think you'll sell yourself short with that radio.
For Floyd County , you should consider a scanner that has LTR capabilities , as Floyd County Public Safety has that sort of system.
I would suggest a BC 246T , or if your budget will allow, the BCD396T , this would allow you to monitor Indiana State Police as well.
Someone may definitely know what the mobile scanner laws are for Indiana , I don't recall :confused: but I'm guessing you are OK with having one.
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