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bc75xlt rechargable battery problem

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Feb 21, 2008
Lynn, Ma
So, first off this bc75xlt works fine with normal alkalines. But when I remove them, flip the switch, and put in fully charged energizer 2500mah ( externally charged ), the scanner almost immediately starts flashing "batt". When I have charged these, or similar batteries ( no name from china ) internally I have the same problem. Interestingly I have been able to use the scanner on battery power for 6 or more hours with it constantly beeping and flashing "batt". Of note...I have never had rechargables working properly in this scanner, having first assumed the problem was the import no names. I now think it is a scanner problem but am hesitant to get it fixed or even replace it ( for almost the same pricing as sending it in ) when it could be something relatively simple. I am also hesitant to get the same model if I am just going to run into the same problem. Anyone have any suggestions?
Not open for further replies.