BCD325P2 Fails to Read P25 Trunking

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Jan 24, 2011
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I have a new 325P2 that receives P25 perfectly on a conventional system, but none of the trunking P25 data is being read. I can hear the noise on the Control Channel, but no SID is being displayed. Strong signal, it just does not seem to be reading standard P25 in a trunked system. An anomaly that may be a clue in this is that it can read the few Phase II TDMA systems in the area, but not standard Phase I voice. I used a separate 396XT and it can read the CCs etc just fine from the same location; in fact, on a conventional channel, the 325 picks up a better signal, so it is not the antenna. It's almost as if the 325 is only looking for Phase II TDMA and is ignoring regular P25.

I tried using the 396XT programming, no luck. I also tried going to Radio Reference and downloading the latest version of the systems (in case some obscure setting had changed), no luck. Still will only read TDMA Phase II. I also tried reverting to older firmwares, I all tried all 4 that were available. No luck. It's not just one system, it's every P25 system in Los Angeles that I am in receiving distance of. (ICI, LAX, the non-TDMA part of LARICS). I tried erasing all systems, switching from Freescan to Proscan, no luck. It is as if there was some sort of setting in the scanner that is set to only read TDMA and to ignore standard P25 in a trunking system.
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