BCD325P2 Programming Help (Or, I'm confused)

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Feb 6, 2017
Hello fine people...

Location: Milwaukee WI
Radio: Uniden BCD325P2 with DMR upgrade
Windows PC with ArcXT software if needed

Objective: Figure out exactly how to program in a trunked system, using 2 sites near me, so that I can program in a system for another state.

The system I wish to listen to is using DMR. Lucky for me, a nearby hospital is also using a DMR system - and within range of me 99% of the time (the other system is not, which makes this hard). Listing of system nearby: KAQ913 (ST JOSEPHS HOSPITAL) FCC Callsign Details

How would I program this system into the BCD? I assume I need to know the control channel - of which I don't know how to extract that from the FCC or RR database. Or even how to program it in -- following multiple guides, reading Easier to Read BCD325P2 Digital Scanner Manual has not helped.

If it's easier, how would I manually program any trunked system into the BCD? Could be instructions on radio or on software for all I care.

I obviously don't know the TGIDs, colors, etc or anything other then FCC information - but I assume that what the scanner will tell me.

I went through the few stickied posts on new users, and think I understand how the systems are setup / used. I also searched on the model number and browsed a number of those posts. Now I am turning to posting since I am still missing something.

All advise is welcome.
Not open for further replies.