BCD396T Antenna Upgrade

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Feb 15, 2009
I currently own a Uniden BCD396T. I am looking at upgrading the antenna from the original that Uniden supplies. I am only looking for a handheld antenna. I was on the Durham Radio website and have been looking at the Watson WSMA antenna's that operate within the 25-1900MHz.
I am mainly listening to OPP and city PD.
My questions are:

Is there anyone out there who has upgraded to this style of antenna and if so how has it improved or diminished range (give me your 2 cents)?

Have you been able to recieve other out of town frequencies that the original manufacturers antenna was unable to recieve?

Aside from Watson what are some other brands that will offer me greater range and cover numerous frequencies without having to purchase multiple antennae?

Aside from Durham Radio and Radio World are there any other similar stores in the GTA?

I live in Hamilton, and get decent reception- I can pick up Toronto 1st Canada Place(5 bars) as well as PEEL and Pearson Int'l. I listen to OPP Charlton tower, and although I have other towers loaded(Skylon, Cayuga, Britannia, Mowat) I am not recieving anything off these sites. Would an antenna with greater range allow me to recieve these sites?


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