BCD396XT antenna question

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Jun 17, 2014
I have done some searches and found some good info but still have questions about what I am looking for. I want an antenna that i can put on a car and not make it permanent for a decent price to listen to local police here in Fort Worth and aviation both military and commercial with my BCD396XT. I am having a hard time understanding what the antenna performance numbers mean, worse yet I can't figure out what would be good for what I need without just getting a basic wide band antenna. When I see an antenna that is good for the 150/450/800MHz range does that mean for instance that one of my frequency is for the military base airport 128.550 so the antenna will not pick it up because it is not 150? I know this is dumb questions but I am really just trying to learn this all and from the help of you guys I went from not having the slightest clue how to put a code into my scanner to now being really good at programming it with the computer. Now I am looking for a good antenna and trying to learn about them.

A friend of mine has the scanmaster portable antenna for his car but I have heard so not so good things about the wide band antennas.
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