BCD396XT Firmware Bug ?

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Apr 21, 2005
Caribou, Maine
I have a BCD396XT with Firmware Version 1.11.01 and have discovered what appears to be an odd bug with the systems. If a P25 One-Freq Trunk System is programmed into the scanner, it causes an odd indication on the screen while scanning. As an example, lets say that you have two systems programmed into the scanner to demonstrate this. The first system is System 41 which is a P25 Standard system with nine sites, (QKs 41 -49, two of which, 47 and 48 are not selected at the moment). For this example there are no systems with QKs between 50 and 70. There are five P25 One-Freq Trunk Systems, with QKs 71 - 75 all of which are selected. When any non-P25 One-Freq Trunk Systems is scanned, the display is normal. When any of the P25 One-Freq Trunk Systems is scanned, the next to the bottom line on the display which normally shows which system is being scanned always shows S0 : ********** instead of what any or all other types of systems normally display which would be like S4 : (1 (flashing))23456**9 which is an example of what a P25 Standard systems looks like.

I have done a full reset on the scanner and reloaded everything with no change in behavior.

I also loaded Version 1.10.00 Firmware into the scanner with no change in behavior.

Can anyone else duplicate this?

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