BCD396XT in Australia

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Feb 15, 2002
Bragg Creek, Alberta
Howdy all -

I'm going to Australia later this year and plan to take both my scanners (Uniden BCD396XT and GRE PSR-500C) with me. I'm curious if there is anything I need to consider when programming up my 396XT and/or if there are some instances where it won't work at all.

For example: I know that the QANTAS Motorola 800MHz system at Sydney International Airport won't work properly, because at least two frequencies are in the forbidden NA cell band (>868.9875). Not a big deal. However, systems I do want to monitor are spread from 406 to 520 MHz. Is there anything that will prevent the 396XT from tracking these systems?

Also - there are some conventional frequencies in use in the 70MHz area with what appear to be 12.5kHz spacing. Can the 396XT handle those?

Finally, the VHF band in Australia appears to be closer to the USA's than Canada's, with for example the 160MHz section on 12.5kHz spacing instead of 5kHz as Canada is. I presume I can just switch my radio over to the US bandplan for that segment and things should work OK.

Thanks in advance :)
Not open for further replies.