BCD396XT or PSR-800 for Boulder, Colorado?

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Aug 16, 2012
I've been trying to study up as much as I can on these two scanners and what technology is being used in my area. I am wanting to get a scanner that works now and will continue to do so into the future. I am wanting usability and durability.

I understand that the Uniden models do not support P25 TDMA? I think the PSR-800 does have the necessary hardware but is not currently supporting P25 TDMA?

Does anyone know of any plans for Boulder County or surrounding areas to implement P25 TDMA?

From what I've read, the BCD396XT has slightly better build quality but is a bit more work to program. The PSR-800 is really easy to program but has crappy build quality and burns through batteries.

Any advice for me is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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May 1, 2006
Marion, Ohio
Hi the psr-800 will use up batterys, but I changed my settings, in the program, to a different figures, then it orginaly came with, someone posted it on here, they now last around 7 hrs, or so, on a charge. thanks and god bless, Bill


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Jun 29, 2009
The PSR-800 will scan X2 TDMA (this is not P25 Phase II TDMA), but it is unknown if it will do P25 TDMA if/when a new firmware comes out for the PSR-800 (I have not seen anything indicating that it definitively will or will not).

As for a general direction for Colorado, I believe a majority of Boulder County (and City) are still on VHF themselves. From what I can tell, a majority of Boulder has elected to avoid P25 technology due to the lack of 800MHz support in the mountain terrains, and generally has no plans on moving to such technology. That being said, almost everyone around Boulder do use P25 and are on what is known as the State of Colorado Digital Trunked Radio System (DTRS), with exception of a few people in Jefferson County, Arvada, Denver, and Aurora. I would suggest you definitely ask around in the Colorado forums as most of those people know much more than I do.

Now for Colorado DTRS upgrading to Phase II. I have not come across or seen anything indicating an immediate move to Phase II, but I am sure that they will make the move someday. I expect the only thing that would be causing any type of resistance is the issue that they would need to roll out the Phase II system on a large scale. This issue something I am sure many people in Colorado are concerned about seeing no current scanner on the market supports P25 Phase II.

As I said before, the specifics of this would probably be better asked in the Colorado forums.

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