BCD396XT Unit ID wildcards/ranges?

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Apr 9, 2008
Indian Head, MD
I've seen mentions on here that the 396XT supports wildcards for I-Calls in some form or another, so I was wondering if this extended at all to Unit IDs. I.e., If I know a rescue engine as two radios in it, UIDs i17564 and i17565, is there a way to plug this in so that both IDs use a single channel slot. Like say, i1756[45], wherein the '4' and '5' in brackets are treated as a logic OR between i17564 and i17565? For those that have had the misfortune to use them, think of this like a very simplistic form of regular expressions.

Not 100% versatile, and only works for UIDs where the only difference between two radios in the same vehicle (or person) differs by just one digit. But it would allow me to recover about....10+ channel slots with a trick like this. Not real sure how the BCD396XT even does a check of a TGID/UID against its internal memory, but I assume at some level, it's a basic lookup of some kind (if condition or hash table or such). Wasn't sure how extensible Uniden could make the channel matching without adversely affecting the scanner's speed.
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