BCD436HP antenna Impressions

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Jan 4, 2005
SE Iowa
I've had a scanner since the first day my local Radio Shack got their batch of new PRO-32's. After a bout of cancer in 2009, I drifted away from my radios for a while. My last purchase was the BC796D. Then a few frequencies in my area went to P25 making the 796D my only radio that received digital. None of my handhelds would receive digital.

Yesterday I received the 436HP and have been messing with it. I dug out a hand full of antennas to test for my area that uses VHF/UHF/800 MHz. I tried many of them but they were lackluster like the stock antenna.

I've read where many have spoken highly of the Diamond RH77CA which I had. I did work much better than the stock antenna. However, due to the Diamond's length, it made the radio top heavy. I stuck on a PRYME RD-98 (a 17-inch long thin whip) and it allowed the 436HP to receive a bit better across the board than the RH77CA! Due to the thinness of the RD-98, it doesn't make the radio top heavy at all. Another good point is, I have two RD-98's. I did some internet searches for them and I could only find them as discontinued.

That's it! Now it's time to go back to master some more of the user operations on this handheld.
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