BCD436HP performance scanning non-RCMP AFRRCS activity?


Jan 8, 2020
I'm wondering if anyone has any insight on how the BCD436HP performs with scanning non-RCMP AFRRCS chatter, particularly Fire and Peace Officers south of Calgary. Is simulcast much of an issue on the system?

Recently had a Whistler TRX-1 bite the dust. It was great, but the Uniden handset seems far more economical for a replacement, especially given the limited use nowadays. I've searched high and low and all I've found pertains to RCMP, and I'm not interested in that, since it's a done deal and not worth whingeing about.


Feb 15, 2002
Bragg Creek, Alberta
I have a 436, two 536s, and an SDS200, and all of them perform quite well on AFRRCS. So do some older radios like the HomePatrol-1.

The only part of AFRRCS which is simulcast is the metro Edmonton area, so you will have no problems in Calgary with that.

The one thing a lot of people get caught up in with regards to scanning a big trunked system like AFRRCS is they try to monitor too many sites at once. Based on your statement, I'm going to use an example of wanting to monitor Foothills Fire and/or CPOs, and the various towns within that area. If you're going to listen to that, and you live in or near Okotoks or High River, you really only need to worry about the Aldersyde, High River, and maybe the Southland Plaza site in Calgary.

Don't expand your range so that you're pulling in (or trying to pull in) Millarville, Turner Valley, Buffalo Hills, Longview, and half-a-dozen city sites. All you'll do is cause your scanner to spend time trying to get sites that (1) you probably can't hear from your location and (2) the agencies you want to hear probably aren't broadcasting on.
In other words, your scanner will be spending less time on the sites closest to you which will be carrying the comms you want. Use location control with a tight radius and an accurate lat/long for your location (don't use the zipcode/postal code option, as that can put your location way far away from where you actually are).


Jun 12, 2018
Calgary, Alberta
Echoing what Jay has said. I own a 536 as well and they work really well for AFRRCS. He is spot on with sites as well - I usually only monitor 1 or 2 at a time depending on my location. Antenna is key as well. I had a VHF/UHF ham antenna and switched to one cut for 700/800 MHz and greatly improved my mobile reception - way less cutting in and out due to weak signal and P25 decode.


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Jun 6, 2005
Unfortunately, now that there is less information available in scanning, I seemed to never turn on my scanners at all anymore. And when they are on, I seem to never hear much of interest.