BCD536HP: BCD536HP improvement requests

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Nov 27, 2002
Southeastern Connecticut
I have multiple Single Channel P25 systems, each with numerous sites, set up for the purpose of displaying the individual IDs on conventional P25 systems. However, when watching the scanner, I can see the activity but there is no indication of what channel/frequency this activity is taking place on.

When setting up a P25 single channel system I’d like the BCD536HP to be able to display the Site Name programmed into the scanner when that site hears traffic. The Site Name currently displays on the screen while it is in ID search mode, however, when the site becomes active the site name (or frequency) does NOT display. I would like the radio to display the Site name/frequency without having to use an external third party software program.

I have tried the radio with the 3-line display on and with it off. Neither mode displays the above mentioned info.

Ideally, I think it would be best if the user could customize the display to meet their individual needs. Some users may want to see System names displayed and others talkgroups. Some may want to see frequencies displayed and others not.

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