Bcd996xt & bc-rh96

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May 30, 2006
Manchester, NH
I'm in need of some info for my remote head (BC-RH96) and scanner (BCD996XT) first i'll start with the remote head and try to explain a little first about my scanner, my scanner is newer then the one i have in my car it has the unit id feature on it and i'm thinking thats my issue with my remote head i keep getting Processing please wait, how do i get this message to stop coming? now to my next issue I have 2 BCD996XT's my new one does the unit id feature and my older one don't how can i get my older one to do it? my older scanner i got in Sept. 2009, my newer one i got in Feb. 2010 if that helps any. the remote head says processing please wait while scanning as well as when it stops it will pop up for a few seconds then show the info on the screen, as far as the scanner screen it's fine scanning as well when it stops it says the info. any help would be great!! thank you Mike
Not open for further replies.