BCD996XT Digital Issues

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Jun 23, 2005
First, I apologize if this applies to a topic in a previous thread, but I couldn't find where this has been posted recently. (Moderators - feel free to move this if necessary!)

I have been puzzled for some time by several problems with digital trunked systems on the 996XT, particularly the Connecticut State Police Motorola Type II SmartZone system in my area. As you'll see in the quick video clip I captured below, the audio is sometimes very slow to pick up the transmission and therefore the beginning gets cut off. In the end of the clip, you'll notice an annoying problem of a "burst" which makes the transmission totally inaudible. I've read some literature saying that the APCO threshold or P25 hold time can be adjusted to reduce the problem, but I have had no luck trying just above or below the default. Does anyone have any ideas or solutions to these issues? They've driven me crazy for the longest time, and it makes listening difficult.

Digital Trunking Issue Video: Uniden BCD996XT Digital Issue - YouTube

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I forgot to add that I have a Pro-106 as well, and that will run fine with no issues right next to the 996XT and no transmissions are missed.
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