BCD996XT Quick Keys

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Dec 15, 2007
Menlo, IA
Hello all.....I have a quick question about accessing the syste quick keys and quick keys within a group....First off, the system quick keys after 0-9......How do you access them after 0? Obviously I know how to do 0-9....You just hit the approprate number for that system you program for that key(i.e. Omaha is set for 0, so when I am ready to listen to Omaha, I just hit 0 to add it to my active scan list, and vice versa when I am ready to turn it off....But I do not know how to access any systems after 9. If someone with the knowledge can help me out, that would be greatly appreciated.

Secondly, how to access a quick key for a certain group within a system. I have several groups in my "rural" system that covers all the conventional frequency counties surrounding my area, and also some of my 800 mghz systems that have multiple groups in them(i.e. Omaha again...I have one group set up as Police, and one group set up as Fire, and one set up as Douglas Co. Sheriff and one more as Douglas Co. Fire...) The way it is now, once I hit the quick key 0, I hear everything within that system(city and county)....But I am only in the city of Omaha(Nebraska for anyone wondering) most of the time and really don't care to listen to county stuff, but I went ahead when I programmed the system to add the county stuff for the very few times I end up outside city limits for work and want to hear county too.....so I just programmed everything for that system....But I mainly want to just hear the city PD/FD, so how do I access or de-access those groups within a system? I know how to program them.....I use ARC-XT and I can assign a quick key # during programming and setup, I just don't know how to actually use them from the scanner as a quick key for systems after 0, nor do I know how to use a group quick key at all, so any help would be greatly appreciated. You can either reply to this or email me at firemedic78@msn.com

Thanks alot,

Chris Sciarrotta
Stuart, IA Rescue
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