BCD996XT Thoughts

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Dec 18, 2002
Baton Rouge, LA
I just got my new BCD996XT (replaced lightning struck BC780XLT) and have been using it for a few days. So far I am very pleased with the new scanner. First of all I like the look and the ability to change the display color.

The XT seems to be more sensitive than my BCD996T and the P25 audio is clearer. The one thing I am most impressed with is the ability to capture UIDs. The only other scanner I have used with that capability is my PSR500. Using ID Tracker III, the GRE would capture a UID less than 50% of the time. The XT captures the UID almost every transmission and will even captures the responding radios. This is the reason for my most recent update to ID Tracker III.

I have played a little with the CC dump and found that if the system is very busy, it's a little difficult to get the scanner into the proper mode for system analysis with Pro96Com. You have to hit the HOLD button at just the right time but this is a minor issue.

The XT will become my primary scanner with the BCD996T going mobile. I have not yet decided the role of the PSR500 but it will most likely become my new work scanner replacing a BC250D.
Not open for further replies.