BCDx36HP Digital Improvement Firmware Release

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In Memoriam
Uniden Representative
Apr 19, 2004
Arlington, TX
Releasing 1.11.31 for both the BCD436HP and the BCD536HP, today. This update is the culmination of months of public beta testing and has resulted in a greatly improved DMR functionality, which utilizes the full power of trunktracking on these systems. It also provides improvements in the decoding of P25 systems.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the open beta.

Release Notes:

  • Support hang time after voice termination in trunking DMR systems
  • Support private voice grant message in Capacity Plus
  • Added display of decode status during audio replay
  • Improved the reception sensitivity of all digital systems
  • Speed up scanning of DMR systems
  • Support RAS detection in Tier 3 (including Capacity MAX) and DMR One Frequency systems
  • Fixed the issue of P25 band plan
  • Modified to not displaying "LNK" by receiving terminator in staying on P25 control channel
  • Fixed the issue of displaying false DMR TGID
  • Modified detection criteria of encryption in Capacity Plus
  • Strengthen tracking of voice slots in DMR One Frequency systems
  • Added recovery processing for the missing of avoided TGID in DMR One Frequency systems
  • Modified judgement criteria for Hytera XPT
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