BCDx36HP Quick-Key Toggle Speed / Status

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May 10, 2003

I wondered if anyone knows of a workaround to speed-up quick-key toggle for Favorites, Systems, and Departments. .

Often I find myself thinking "oh wow, I need to quickly enable _____, and ____ based on what I just heard!" I'm just not yet as nimble on my feet as I was with the 396XT/996XT.

I would love to see an option to turn off the 2 second confirmation screen that is shown after a quick-key toggle command is given. . I could approach BCD396XT/996XT efficiency without the confirmation :)

It would also be killer if while a talkgroup or freq. is active, the display indicated the full quick-key path that's enabled, FL->SYS->DEPT. Sometimes I need a reminder! What would even be more killer is if the radio could show you what FL->SYS->DEPTs are active while scanning even w/o activity. I know that could be a challenge considering the speed the radio steps through the enabled systems/depts. . but maybe there's a solution if you hold on the system.

I realize we have the ability to see quick-key status in the menu for Favorites and Systems. . it just takes a little time to step through it. It would be great if DEPT is added to this lineup, even in the menus.

If anyone has any hints on how to accomplish what I've noted above, I'd love to hear them!
Not open for further replies.