BCDx36HP Tone Searching

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Dec 28, 2002
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I just realized another nice advantage of the 436HP over the 396XT…. On a conventional frequency, if you have the Audio Type set to “All” it is search the NAC if it is a P25 transmission AND PL/DPL if it is an analog transmission. With the 396XT, if the Audio Type was set to All it would monitor both P25 and Analog but would not display the tone. In order to search tones in the 396XT, you would need to set Audio to Digital Only/Search (where it would only search NAC) or Analog/Search (where it would not decode P25 and would only search PL/DPL). One caveat if you have the Audio type set to “All” it will try to decode P25 for the length you have configured for “P25 Waiting Time” which defaults to 400ms. This means Analog transmissions will miss about the first half second of audio if the Audio Type is set to all. I have seen complaints about this in other threads. If you are sure the freq is only Analog, then set the Audio Type to Analog/Search (or appropriate tone) and you will not miss the beginning of the transmission.

This is a great feature of the 436HP as I used to program unknown mode/tone frequencies twice in my 396XT (first for Digital/Search and Second for Analog/Search).
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