BCT-15 Airband / VHF performance notes...

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Jun 5, 2004
Took a little time this morning to compare the new arrival BCT-15 to the Pro-2054. What follows is purely un-scientific and based on my rough observations. I put both included whips at 18" length and turned the squelch just beyond the threshold, with both scanners sitting side by side in an area of good reception.

VHF Airband:
Pro-2054 = Very Good.
BCT-15 = Better. Picked up more distant ground / plane comms.

WX Band:
Pro-2054 = Picked up one NOAA WX channel, somewhat scratchy.
BCT-15 = Picked up three NOAA WX channels, two in full-quieting, one half-scratchy.

VHF 150 MHz DX Area:
Pro-2054 = Okay.
BCT-15 = Better. Picked up more distant public safety repeaters.

VHF 150 MHz Local Area:
Pro-2054 = Great.
BCT-15 = Great.

Interference Rejection:
Pro-2054 = Paging bleedover randomly at times.
BCT-15 = Less paging bleedover.

Audio Output:
Pro-2054 = 1.5W. I'd say more bass.
BCT-15 = 2.6W. I'd say more treble.
Possible slight edge to Pro-2054 in audio quality; both units plenty loud enough.

Unfortunately there wasn't a lot of VHF lowband, 450 MHz, or 800 MHz traffic, so I can't compare those two areas yet.
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