BCT-15 - Disassembly Instructions

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Dec 30, 2007
Here's my first how-to document... I assume no liability if you damage your BCT-15. Following these instructions will most likely void any warranty you have. I already voided mine by installing a discriminator tap, so... :cool:

Step 1. Remove the 4 screws from the back of the unit.

Step 2. Pull the cover off the unit.

Step 3. Remove the 8 screws from both sides of the unit.

Step 4. Slide the first cover back and up to remove it from the unit.

Step 5. Slide the second cover back and down to remove it from the unit. (Nice discriminator tap!)

Step 6. Remove the speaker connector.

Step 7. Remove the 4 screws holding the front panel assembly to the main unit.

Step 8. Remove the screw securing the front panel to the main circuit board.

Step 9. Remove the ground wire from your discriminator tap (you have one, right?!)

Step 10. Remove the ribbon cable by sliding the brown plastic hinge up then back. Remove all the wiring harnesses connected from the front panel to the main unit.

Step 11. Remove the nuts holding the front panel plastic to the front panel assembly using fine tipped pliers, then remove the knobs with electrical tape protected pliers to avoid scratching the knobs.

Step 12. Remove the front panel plastic from the front panel assembly, once the nuts are no longer holding the parts together.

Hardware Removed.

Panel Front 1.

Panel Front 2.

Panel Front 3.

Panel Back 1.

Panel Back 2.

Panel Back 3.

Panel Front... WTF... Uniden techs need to pay more attention to detail... That's not lined up.

That's one l33t looking BCT-15.

If you respond to this post, PLEASE don't quote all the images. I'm hosting them, and you could slow down the loading of the page for other users. Thanks!

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