BCT15: BearTracker Questions

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Sep 30, 2005
Incline Village, NV
Hi all,

I'm playing with the "BearTracker" features of my new BCT15; and there's a few things I just can't figure out:

1.) Why do certain BearTracker frequencies fail to indicate a respective PL, DT, HP or BT group when active? According to the manual, all frequencies in the respective state belong to one of these four groups and should "blink" the respective group when active. [???]

2.) Why do only "Priority" BearTracker channels produce an audible alert? According to the manual, an alert tone is produced by "all other groups" (PL, DT, HP) and air patrol. In fact, only the handful of channels marked "Priority" produce an alert.

3.) By default, Priority Mode is OFF in the BCT15. Nonetheless, priority BearTracker channels regularly interrupt other active channels. Does BearTracker have its own, udefeatable priority mode?

4.) Why does BearTracker skip over some active channels? I have stepped through all of the BearTracker's frequencies for my state (Nevada) and found some active frequencies which otherwise go undetected in scan mode. Some are data/control channels. Others are not.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Not open for further replies.