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bct15 multi site question

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Jan 16, 2005
Bastrop, LA
ok...my state has a statewide moto2 simulcast 800mhz system. state is divided into troops like many are. my troop has 10 or so tx sites spread out. in my bct8 and 246t i had all the freqs from all the sites programmed in the bank together...that way i didnt have a change a thing when moving away from and close to sites. my bct15 as i understand has a way for you to set up the sites seperate using the same talkgroups. would it be better for me to do this...or leave it the same as before alltogether. at the moment i have them alltogether in one "site" and i dont notice a difference in speed, reception, or ease of use. since i havent even had this thing a week....i need some input thx...
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